Embodiment of Freedom
Table of Contents

Part One: Features of Freedom and Their Embodiment

1. Examples of Freedom: Mom at the Market, a Ping-Pong Player and the Judge

2. Features of Freedom: Selection, the Critical Moment and Influences

3. Psychological Principles: A Person Engaging Reality

4. Physical Principles: An Alternative Approach

5. Physical Principles of Collective Change - Bodies and Phases

6. The Critical Point in Magnets

7. Selections, the Critical Moment and Influences: In Personal Freedom as in Magnets

8. Organizing Critical Moments of Selection: a Person Exercising Freedom

Part Two: Principles of Selectional Freedom

9. Tiled Embodiment

10. Principle of Activation

11. Principle of Universality

12. Principle of Singularity

13. Principle of Shimmering Sensitivity

14. Principle of Resemblances

15. An Embodiment That is Alive with Possibilities

16. An Embodiment That is Beyond our Understanding

Part Three: Principles of Organizational Freedom (in development)

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