Construction of Reality
An Exercise of Freedom

An earlier version of some materials in Embodiment of Freedom, this essay includes an evocation of freedom through juxtaposition of passages selected from world literature.

From the Introduction:

As clothing is to the human body, so all of our experiences (including perceptions, concepts, theories and scientific and juridical laws) are to reality. It is as if, metaphorically, we see the clothing but cannot see the bare body beneath.

Clothing both conceals and reveals the shape of the body. Some parts of the body, such as the back, are easily clothed. Other parts, such as that around the thighs, require more complicated fitting. The fitting is often approximate. Materials and design of clothing depend on the wearer's lifestyle and anticipated activities . As with a growing child, fitting is made more difficult because the body is changing, but the situation with experience and reality is more complicated because the underlying reality presents continual surprises. A garment is patched together out of pieces, and seams are sometimes difficult to sew or maintain. A single overall covering would function poorly and different kinds of garments cover different areas (compare shoes and gloves with hats and shirts).

The structure of the human body came into existence prior to the invention of clothing. The body is not inherently clothable. (Reality is not inherently structurable: my "contrary hypothesis;" likewise, society is not inherently governable by laws and historical events are not inherently susceptible of interpretation.)

For these reasons, designing and fitting clothing is an exercise of freedom. If we want to be well-clothed, we learn how clothing is designed and fitted. If we want better concepts and laws, we should examine how experiences are constructed. Because the construction of experiences requires an exercise of freedom, freedom belongs at the center of the inquiry.

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